21 Instances Of Sledging In Cricket That Will Make You Go LOL

21 Instances Of Sledging In Cricket That Will Make You Go LOL

21 Instances Of Sledging In Cricket That Will Make You Go LOL
It’s called the gentleman’s game but that doesn’t stop cricketers from taking a dig or two at their opponents. Termed in cricketing circles as ‘sledging’, it is a ploy used by players to weaken the opponent’s concentration by insulting or verbally intimidating them. Here are 21 classic instances of sledging from the world of cricket.

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1. Evidently, Ravi Shastri had the gift of the gab even during his playing days.
2. Daryll Cullinan gets the better of Shane Warne.
3. Mark Waugh asked for this one from James Ormond.
4. You don’t mess with Viv Richards as Glamorgan paceman Greg Thomas painfully found out.
5. Glenn McGrath uses Dennis Lillee’s classic line on English skipper Michael Atherton.
6. English pacer Fred Trueman couldn’t resist taking a jab at his teammate…
7. Australians sledging was prevalent even during the times of Don Bradman…
8. English spinner Phil Tufnell takes out his frustration on the umpire after his appeal against Dean Jones is turned down.
9. Australian Ian Healy accuses Michael Atherton of cheating during England’s tour of Australia.
10. Eddo Brandes gets Glenn McGrath to shut the xxxx up
11. But McGrath will never learn.
12. Parthiv Patel should know better than to mess with the great Steve Waugh.
13. Rod Marsh and Ian Botham.
14. Australian Merv Hughes was the king of sledging.
15. Nobody could mess with Hughes. Javed Miandad tried.
16. But there were some who gave it back to Hughes. Like English batsman Robin Smith.
17. The Aussies figure out a way to get the Sri Lankan skipper out.
18. Steve Waugh shows why he was appointed captain of the best sledgers in world cricket.
19. Jamie Siddons tried to mess with Steve Waugh. And failed.
20. Merv Hughes was so brave he got the better of Viv Richards too.
21. Being Austrlian, I guess Lillee couldn’t resist messing with the English skipper.

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20 thoughts on “21 Instances Of Sledging In Cricket That Will Make You Go LOL

  • Real Facts of the World says:

    Finaly Song is "who's got the time – madison park"

  • Akshay raj says:

    I need this song can anyone plz say the name of the song

  • thetruth8720 says:

    One of the best sledges of all time seems to never get mentioned. Warne is slagging Collingwood off because he got an OBE from the queen when England won the Ashes and he only scored a few runs in the whole series (I think he only batted a few times and got like 20 runs in total). Warne says "hey Collingwood, you got and OBE for 20 runs, that's a joke mate". Collingwood replies "well if you would like an OBE of YOUR queen I could put in a good word for you, I'm sure you could get one for services to fast food restaurants you fat B@stard"

  • Lorenzo Mortimer says:

    whats with this music man

  • Manish Gupta says:

    LOL ravi shashtri best one

  • Vaibhav Singh says:

    Wife is good kids are retarded…LMAO

  • faiyazshaikh123 says:

    Mc Grath will never learn, true that!

  • lund007able says:

    Aussie Monkeys are best in Monkey Business….lol..

  • grantss1 says:

    Two classics omitted from the list, probably left out due to their "adults only" content:

    1. One-dayer in Australia in the late-90s. Australia vs Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka's captain, the overweight Arjuna Ranatunga, is batting. At some stage he calls for a runner. At this point Australian wicket-keeper Ian Healy says to him "You can't get a runner for being a slow, fat c**t!".

    2. Shane Warne come into bat against South Africa and Jacques Kallis greets him with "Warnie, why you so fat?". Warne quickly replies with "Because every time I f**k your girlfriend she gives me a biscuit!".

  • Amar Rama says:

    theres an Aussie in almost all of them

  • AP Wittmer says:

    I love how almost all of these are Australian haha

  • jipster2020 says:

    Some of these sledges are legendary – Fred Trueman's is my favourite, and it was against his own team-mate. Pure burn !

    BTW, sledge #21 is actually a picture of Robert Key, not Mike Gatting.

  • Beburg Zehri says:

    no.11 wins. Ronnie Sarwan the man

  • The House of Jokes says:

    Awesome youtube video with a good display. Many thanks for the work that you put into creating this.

  • Alan George Barstow says:

    My favourite was the exchange between Rod Marsh and white-haired David Steele when the latter arrived at the crease for his first test.
    Marsh: "Fucking hell, it's Father Christmas!"
    Steele: "Take a good look at this arse: you'll be seeing a lot of it this summer."

  • Simon Dover says:

    They need to start banning players who sledge.

  • ManchesterBlackSheep says:

    Pissed off with, not pissed. Pissed means you've drunk too much.

  • Joshua Shankar says:

    +Danger Hunger Whats the name of the song? please :)

  • Grumpy RM says:

    Sledging is for the weak. Funny how it's an Aussie creation 😏

  • BKamron says:

    McGrath kept walking right into them – that douche!