Funny Babies Video Fail Compilation 2014 | Best Funny Videos Ever | Cute Videos

Funny Babies Video Fail Compilation 2014 | Best Funny Videos Ever | Cute Videos

Funny Babies Video Fail Compilation 2014 | Best Funny Videos Ever | Cute Videos. Funny babies, funny baby video clips, funny baby videos, funny baby video dancing, funny baby laughing videos,, and much more. Babies laughing laughing, cute kids videos are always adorable. Watch this super collection of the best kids’ videos and enjoy. This video will blow you mind with its kids cuteness. Dont forget to LIKE COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE to this channel.

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20 thoughts on “Funny Babies Video Fail Compilation 2014 | Best Funny Videos Ever | Cute Videos

  • André de Andrade says:


  • Jennifer Corona says:

    1:22 wen bae dont text back…

  • mirroredimage01 says:

    A child not able to stay awake from drinking beer is not funny or cute at all.

  • Ron Beach says:

    awww omg so adorable

  • vicka stephanie says:

    that guitar kiddo sure a genius one and that red diaper kiddo,,he must have been thru a lot of war to be able to sleep that way ;)

  • UKfree75 says:

    I hope the parents of that ugly fucking brat choking that kitten burn in hell.

  • pat hanlon says:

    The butthurt in the comments are my favorite part of this video. (=

  • HappyBaby says:

    Really cool

  • MLG Blazeit says:

    Babys are huge faggots… I hope they all die from aids so humanity can die off

  • Aurica Danu says:

    1:34 – Not funny.

  • shutupwhen youretalkingtome says:

    Not funny. Un mm kids drinking beer, falling in bathtubs face first in soapy water, kid about to fall asleep and fall from something with a fist full of pencils, kid getting bit by a dog due to hand feeding it, kid pulling his pants down in a room full of ppl peeing on someone..I stopped watching then but all the ones I just mentioned would've had cps on their asses. .. not funny 

  • daljit mahi says:

    kid at 9.49 is so cute

  • Techno Gaming says:

    Is anyone going to say something on 4:36

  • Chelsea Obrien says:

    the child drinking beer, and looking wasted after, that's abuse….disgusting to have on here should not be condoned
    WAS NOT FUNNY , so many instances where you get concerned about the welfare of the children

  • Vinod Varsani says:
  • thoha thohà says:

    Ma questo video fa veramente schifo!
    Prima la pubblicità ketchup quando il bambino dovrebbe mangiare almeno pomodoro fresco.
    Poi una bambina che si diverte e all'improvviso è terrorizzata.
    Il bambino con la birra e il padre lo lascia fare. Lo stesso bimbo poi sbronzo.
    Una bimba di circa 5 mesi con gli orecchini, che potrebbe strapparsi da un momento all'altro facendosi male. Cos'è quest'abitudine di bucare le orecchie ai propri figli in tenerissima età?! Qui ne ho contate almeno 5.
    Un altro che si arrampica su un'asse inclinata con una prevedibilissima pericolosa caduta.
    Quello poi che quasi strangola il gattino mi ha orripilata. Avrei strozzato i suoi genitori. Il bambino non sa cosa sta facendo, ma loro sì.
    Forse si salvano 2 o 3 frame, forse.

    Davvero, non ho parole. Piccoli incidenti possono capitare, ma un occhio vigile previene e non sta a guardare un pericolo imminente.
    Video disgustoso.

  • veronica cwikowska says:

    At 7 : 15 is GROSS who would even put that up its not even a LITTLE bit funny

  • mishriee says:

    Im sorry to say but few videos were the examples of bad parenting.. Others were simply cute and funny.

  • Werner Rijpma says:

    2:22 Onze baby blijft hier om lachen

  • sophisticatedbadgurl says:

    9:409:46 "No food?? Sit yo ass down" I laughed so hard