Funny pranks, funny fail and scary prank compilation 2015

Funny pranks, funny fail and scary prank compilation 2015


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20 thoughts on “Funny pranks, funny fail and scary prank compilation 2015

  • Anthony Ware says:

    crazy pranks

  • Jewel Embuido says:

    what happend on 07:0407:21

  • Lifernet59 says:

    With the amount of pranks that people are making to scare others by chasing them with axes etc. murderers are going to pick up on that if they tell someone its a prank then it makes their job easier…

  • Joe K says:

    A few of those pranks is a good way to get shot… Ya, it's all fun and games but you never know how the person your doing to is going to react..

  • Elondeado13 Familiatorres says:


  • Anna schaffer says:


  • Ja'Mina Ferrell says:

    this is soooooo fucking funny

  • Jeff Hardy V2 says:

    guy: dies*
    citizen: gets up* well, in not cleaning this up

  • Эрнест Киндеров says:

    5:05 music?

  • Smack them says:

    The chair one was pretty funny!

  • theresa Oneill says:


  • NatFillion says:

    Those people who got scared by that dog in the lion suit are just stupid, don't they know a lion is much bigger than that ?

  • Issei Senpai says:

    some of these are so bad lol

  • 9FORDIE9 says:

    It's disgusting to see how many people just fuck off and don't help their fellow humans. wankers.

  • Lindsey Kepple says:

    I have seen better

  • Sophia Medd says:


  • Sergio Speed says:

    omg :))))

  • khann45 says:

    Some of those go too far…..

  • Margaret Williams says:

    not scary at all😑😑😑😑😐😮😑😑😑😐


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