Govt Says Don’t Use N95 Masks With Valve – Details here

Govt Says Don’t Use N95 Masks With Valve – Details here

Union Health Ministry has announced that the N95 masks that come with respiratory valves are not helpful in keeping the disease at bay at all.

The Directory of Health Services (DGHS), Prof (Dr) Rajiv Garg has penned a letter to the state authorities discussing the inappropriate use of the N95 masks to protect oneself from getting the disease.


He has instead advised people to use homemade protective covers for the face and mouth.

Garg said, “It has been observed that there is an inappropriate use of the N95 mask (particularly with valved respirator) by the public other than designated health workers. In this regard, I would like to draw your attention to the advisory on the use of home-made protective cover for face and mouth available on the website of the MoHFW.”

Which Masks Should Be Used To Restrict Spreading Of COVID-19? 

Its recommended that we use masks which do not have such valves or openings at the front, which helps keep the spreading of germs and the virus at a minimum. The valves on the N95 mask work as a one way valve, which filters only the air that is being inhaled by the user. This means that only the person who is wearing the mask is protected from the disease…….Read More>>


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