Indian Railways to run clone trains for waitlisted passengers

Indian Railways to run clone trains for waitlisted passengers

In order to reduce waitlisted passengers, Indian Railways is mulling running special ‘clone’ trains on busy routes. These clone trains will be started in a phased manner in the next 15 days and the Railways will issue a notification regarding the same.

Railway board chairman and CEO YK Yadav at a press briefing said all trains currently in operation will be monitored to determine which trains have a long waiting time. He added clone trains will be run on routes or trains where there is heavy traffic and long wait lists. The clone will be run ahead of the actual train so that passengers can travel easily.

He also said that stoppages of the clone trains will be fewer than the special trains being run currently. “Idea is to meet the demand for major stations so there will be fewer stoppages on these clone trains,” he added.

Clone trains will be run with the same number as the special train. If, for instance, all seats on a Rajdhani train on a particular route are filled with a lot of passengers in the waitlist, then another rake in the same number will carry the additional passengers. The waitlisted passengers will be informed of their seat numbers soon after reservation charts of the original are drawn up four hours before the departure…..Read More>>


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