Move Over Fortnite, Asian Gamers Know Why PUBG Is Better

Move Over Fortnite, Asian Gamers Know Why PUBG Is Better

The battle royale is a type of game where players are thrown into an arena to scavenge for weapons and fight it out to the death. Loyal to the nature of the genre, the competition for complete dominance worldwide is now down to two games — Fortnite Battle Royale and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds(aka PUBG).

Fortnite is huge, with its viral dance challenge taking over TikTok and late-night talk shows. But while PUBG does not have the same grasp on pop culture, it remains the top-of-mind survival game in Asia, out-performing Fortnite in terms of the total number of active players and downloads in several countries including China, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines.


Google trends in India, Indonesia, and the Philippines all show that most people in those countries searched for PUBG more than Fortnite in the past year. PUBG is so popular that a state in India banned it for a time to curb alleged addiction and arrested violators earlier this year.

A PUBG player is easy to spot. They clutch their phone horizontally with both hands, their heads down, and brows furrowed. In Manila, where I’m from, traffic is terrible and public transportation is unreliable, so you’ll find these players queuing up for a train or sitting in a bus stuck on the highway. I suppose the scene is similar in India and Indonesia’s big cities. Games with quick turnovers are favourites of those desperate to kill time and in these developing countries, PUBG is popular because of its accessibility and mobile-first approach.

A financial report that PUBG Corp. released to a South Korean news outlet in 2018 shows that the Asian market accounts for the majority of PUBG’s income…Read more>>



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