These are the 26 biggest stars on TikTok, the viral video app teens can’t get enough of

These are the 26 biggest stars on TikTok, the viral video app teens can’t get enough of

To teens, the most popular figures on social media platforms like TikTok are well beyond mega-celebrity status in their eyes.

These TikTok stars claim millions of followers – many who are of Gen Z age themselves – and found fame by creating short video clips lip-syncing to soundbites, showing off viral dances, and crafting comedy skits that get shared thousands of times.


The hottest accounts on the two-year-old TikTok don’t have nearly as many followers as the top channels on the more-established YouTube (where T-Series has blown past 100 million subscribers). However, TikTok has now been downloaded more than 1.2 billion times, and can be credited as the launchpad for many of the memes criss-crossing the internet, including Lil Nas X’s chart-smashing hit “Old Town Road.”

At one point, a pair of German twins named Lisa and Lena had the most popular account on TikTok, with 32.3 million followers, but they deleted their account at the end of this March to “break new ground.” So far no other account has topped their lead, although creators are prolifically producing content and quickly gaining ground.

Note that this list consists of independent creators who got their starts as influencers on TikTok or its predecessor, The rankings exclude accounts run by companies, and those from users who got famous first through other means – like former Vine stars Cameron Dallas and Zach King, and JoJo Siwa of “Dance Moms” fame…Read more>>




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