WhatsApp Blacklist Contact feature here’s how it works

WhatsApp Blacklist Contact feature here’s how it works

WhatsApp by Facebook has added a new privacy feature to its platform. Users of the popular messaging app can now blacklist contacts from adding them to unwanted WhatsApp groups. Users will have to update their WhatsApp version to the for iOS (not available yet for all users) and 2.19.298 for Android to receive the updated Groups settings. You will be able to see the option to blacklist contacts under Privacy with the latest update.

How to blacklist WhatsApp contacts

  • To activate the feature, go to the Settings menu and tap on Privacy, where you will see the Groups option.
  • Here, the options will include ‘Everyone’, ‘My contacts’, and ‘My contacts except…’.
  • Choosing the last option will take you to a new page with a list of all your contacts – just pick and ones you want to blacklist and hit the check mark at the bottom right corner.
  • That’s all you need to do to blacklist a WhatsApp contact!

WhatsApp has removed the ‘Nobody’ option and added ‘My contacts except…’ on the Group Privacy Settings that allow you to blacklist contacts. Apart from ‘My contacts except…’, the Group Privacy Settings also include ‘Everyone’ and ‘My contacts’ options….Read more>>




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